Bruno Mars – 24K Magic (Drum Cover)

November 30, 2016 by Nick Oshiro

What can I say? I have been through a lot the last couple months and this video started as a completely different song. It may have been where I was emotionally, but I decided enough was enough. That’s when I found 24K Magic on the pop charts and thought, this sounds fun! I needed to lighten up a bit and as you can see, there’s some comedy going on here. I remember editing on a couple late nights and laughing my guts out at some of the clips. Laughing seems to be a great healer and I have found tremendous joy making these videos. I’m a dreamer, always have been, that little boy who likes to go into his room and play with his toys. Have you ever seen a child playing before? They are so present, not a care in the world. Sometimes I think I’ll never grow up! If you need me, follow the North Star straight on till morning! If you have an idea, see what you can do about it today and don’t worry about the rest. One of my grandma’s favorite things to say when life got heavy was, “Stay fluffy in the pinches!” I say,” Keep it lite!”

Nick Oshiro- Online Session Drummer


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  1. Nick! I love what you wrote here! You commented on a post of mine a few months ago on Facebook. I was hurting very deeply. And, since then I have weaved in and out of happiness, and sadness. But what you said ALWAYS comes to mind when I am in the dark and reminded of that hurt. You said..”one day you will wake up and see you haven’t thought of it in awhile”…love is like a drug. Unfortunately mine decided to leave. But much like recovering from a drug, it’s one day at a time. And when you find yourself relapsing, you just remind yourself that you went so many days not even thinking about it. You can go more. That being said…I hope whatever you have been going through has subsided bro! And in your words “you’ll wake up one day and see you haven’t even thought about it”, this too shall pass! Keep that child inside alive brotha’! The world could use as much innocence as it can get! 🙂

    • Aaron,

      Thanks for taking the time to write me! I love how the universe works! My best friend told me that one time and I’ll never forget it! You have to give it away to keep it! Hearing you say this reminded me again, love it! I hope the light enters your perception today and thanks for the support of the new video my friend!


  2. Nick!!! What an awesome cover man…you looked liked you definitely enjoyed making the whole video and it truly shows. My son said “He’s an awesome drummer.” We loved it, keep doing what you love.

    Great job👏👏😁😁

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