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Online Session Drummer

My Name is Nick Oshiro and I’m an online session drummer. I provide the highest quality online drum tracks available. I’m your best choice when you want a professional online studio drummer and a high-end online drum recording.

Newest Technology

Have you ever recorded drum tracks in somebody’s bedroom? It really lacks that pro sound! I use the most advanced sampling technology available and the flag ship Electronic Drum Kit, The Roland TD30KV. This Drum kit in combination with Superior Drummer 3 provides me the ability to make changes of drum tones for your song or jingle, in a fast and efficient way.

Highest Quality

Is your sampling recorded on the best mics, pres, consoles, drums and cymbals out there? Mine is, I use Toontrack’s Superior Drummer 3 and EZDrummer 2. Can you imagine me in the drum room  next door, in a pro studio, with a world renowned producer and engineer? All you have to do is select an option above and follow the prompts for the best custom drum tracks out there.

Fast and Simple

The process is really easy. When you get done filling out the submission form, you’ll be brought to my DropBox. This is where you will upload your song so I can check it out. Please send the track without drums.  Together, we will get started with the studio drum tracking process. Next, you, the customer, will be sent the first draft for approval. Did we make it just the way you wanted it? In conclusion, we’ll make the changes you want and prepare the individual WAV drum files to be on their way to you. Now you can have everything mixed and mastered just the way you want!

Professional Drummer

Take a look around the site! I have a video page where you can watch my latest Drum Covers and a sample page, to hear songs that I’ve recorded drums on. Check out the photo gallery and take a journey with the bands I’ve played for, Staic-X, Seether and my current gig, Blue Man Group.

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