Sia – Chandelier (Drum Cover)

June 28, 2016 by Nick Oshiro

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It’s finally live! This is my favorite drum cover so far! It’s coming out a week later than anticipated, but I was tracking drums for “D” of the Spazmatics, and Ryan Whyte Maloney from Season 6 of The Voice.

Getting started

Where do I start? When I first heard this song, I was blown away. My first experience was seeing the music video on YouTube. I felt something instantly! It had been a while since I heard something that grabbed me by the guts. Maddie Ziegler, the little girl dancing, was so convincing! Sia’s lyrics and melodies accelerated a weeping inside that left me with nothing, but a shear desire to express my identification. I know there are a lot of guys who have done drum covers of this song, but I couldn’t help it!

Technical side

I spent a day setting up camera angles and lighting, and another jamming and figuring out what I wanted to do. Some people will bash you for getting too far off from the original track, but the drums for this were programmed and really simple, so I thought, lets make it rockin’! I didn’t want to over play. I wanted the parts to be interesting and to enhance the feeling of the song.
With my five GoPros, some lighting, and favorite jam kit, I started to form the skeleton of the track. The take I took to editing was my third pass at it. I knew it was the one and wanted to rock it, while still having a relaxed, cool feeling as the atmosphere. I edited all the audio in Logic Pro and the video portion in Final Cut. This combination seems to be so powerful and is getting easier for me as I go along. “Just keep chipping away”, is what my friend Andre Winslow says!

My hope..

I hope that this video excites you, sparks your ambition, and drives the imagination. This can be a very dark track when you listen to it, but the color black is made of all colors. Finding the light is an inside job and it’s songs like this that can shed the loneliness and feed the soul. Listen to the people around you, for you may have more in common than you think…

Nick Oshiro

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