Gundelach – Spiders (Drum Cover) Instagram Clip

June 13, 2016 by Nick Oshiro

Hi Friends,

This video was so much fun to make! It started out as me jamming to iTunes radio, when I got the idea, “Why don’t I hit record and make an Instagram clip?” You’re only allowed one minute of video, so I wanted to make it exclusive to that format. I like the idea of purpose built content.
I love ambient music, it gives me the chance to kick back in the groove and not bash away for a minute. I believe a good drummer isn’t good at just one genre, but has a little experience, in a lot of styles. I just really dig the space this style of music has, full of imagination and very shagadelic! When I came across a song called Spiders, by the artist Gundelach, my finger started to dance with the record button.
Since it was so short, I used one camera and my favorite “Jam Kit”. It has a 13″ snare that I just love, and Sabian cymbals!! I took a couple of passes at it and then started the editing process. I edit all my midi in Logic Pro and all the video in Final Cut Pro. I’m a pretty hardcore Apple guy and like to keep things simple. I added a little contrast to darken the edges and my logo at the end.
I love making these videos and am currently working on a new one already! My goal is to be creative and create content that isn’t only for drummers, but for people who just enjoy music! I want people to feel like I do as they scroll through their newsfeed and become entertained, inspired, and lifted…

Nick Oshiro

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