Online Drums – Sessions Can Improve Creative Juices

September 14, 2016 by wsadmin


The world of online session drumming is a trip, but what is an online session drummer. Well, an online session drummer is a person that sets up a drum studio within their home or their studio and create drum tracks for someone that is not local or someone that is connected via technology.

There is a new class of session drummer, people that are coming up all over the planet, online session drummers that you may not have heard of or even some you have. They’re all over the place recording tracks for people, amazing online session drummers creating sick ass drum tracks.

Nick Oshiro is in this class of online session drummer, but Nick has actually played professional drums; he’s played of course with Static X and with Seether amongst others. So not only do you get the talent and the cutting-edge explosive drum tracks of a pro but you get someone that has been in the trenches and that knows all about conventional drumming and online session drumming. The thing about Nick is that his experience and training allows him to be very versatile, flexible and innovativeon on the tracks that he’s laying down.

Online Drums

Location doesn’t matter keep in mind. Wherever you are on the planet you could send your music in an mp3 preferably and he can work something out.Let him just get off on it, feel it, and attack it. Having an outside Source coming up with your online drum tracks can also add to the creativity or your overall composition. Having an outside entity ad their influence, their style, their flavor and their tastes can actually help you get the creative juices flowing and take the music to the next level.

Think about having a world-class drummer just kick the shit out of the drum tracks on your composition, song or whatever. Nick is that guy!

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