Static-X – Push It (Drum Cover)

June 5, 2016 by Nick Oshiro

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Hey there!

So this is a little backwards. This was my first drum cover I ever did, but I wanted to do some writing on it, as I know it comes a little late.
I found this drumless track from a website called, Drumless Tracks! I think he may have gotten it from the game Guitar Hero, as it’s the only track for Static-X he had. All of us out here doing drum covers have to do quite a bit of Eq to get the drums to be less audible, and this made it so easy to throw my own drum tracks over it.

Two Times

I took two passes at it, recording audio and video at the same time. I only had four GoPro Silver’s for this video, but same lighting that I used for the “I’m With Stupid” drum cover. I’m working in a super small space, so the lighting is tricky. I didn’t notice until final editing, but some of my cameras received too much light. I fixed this on my second video by adding some home made anti-exposure guards. Lighting seems to be an art all on it’s own! I have always just been the talent, and haven’t learned a whole lot about making videos, until now.

A Little More

I wanted to add something more than just drumming. So, I shot the entrance into the RV park I was staying in. I walked with my selfie stick, the camera just above the ground. This is what you see in the beginning, and I thought it would be cool to show you where exactly I mad this video, my 5th wheel trailer!

Logic X and Final Cut Pro

I edited the audio in Logic X and the video in Final Cut Pro. I love the process of making drum cover videos and can’t wait to get emerged and creative on the next one! Stay tuned my friends!

Nick Oshiro

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